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Walking sticks / self defense

Self-defence techniques require a good balance between body and mind. Apart from physical power, one needs to learn various playing tactics to have a cutting edge over others in self-defence.

Through our self-defence programmes at Soldier Youth Foundation, one can learn the basic way of defence techniques and the rules governing it. From helping you with understanding the basic moves to a comprehensive research on tactics, Soldier Youth Foundation’s Self-defence training is aimed at giving an overall knowledge to a person who does not know anything about self-defence techniques.

Our Step by step illustration and guidance will help the beginner to build his fundamental pillars about self-defence successfully. You can have a good grasp upon defence techniques from our training, if you have the passion and eagerness to actually learn.

We inherit all the universal knowledge through our five senses-sight, smell, touch, sound and smell. They all lead pathways towards our brain. However, a possible choice of combination of various senses to defend yourself is the ultimate goal in self-defence.

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